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From the heart of Chicago to the global stage, I’ve learned to create spaces where pleasure ​and healing can coexist, centering joy and connection, celebrating art and creativity and ​challenging the narrative as a black woman in a male dominated industry.

patricia of chicago

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Photo Of Buildings
Johannesburg sunrise with telkom tower cityscape
new york ,usa. 8-24-17: new york skyline in the evening.

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about me

  • curator of global sounds
  • experience artisan
  • self care enthusiast
  • connoisseur of pleasure and enjoyment

Dedicated to ushering in a new era of inclusivity ​and pleasure-centric communities, Patricia ​utilizes her platform to craft immersive ​experiences centered around music, lifestyle, ​wellness, and entrepreneurship.

With an eclectic blend of house, R&B, dance, ​disco, cumbia, afrobeat, amapiano, and a myriad ​of world influences, Patricia’s musical style ​creates a transformative and immersive journey ​for her audiences.

For her, DJing embodies a profound commitment ​to healing, cultivating joy, fostering connections, ​and celebrating art and creativity.

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